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It Takes a lot of Courage and an Open Heart;  What Makes You Tick?

Life is short and you really need to take the time to do the work required to make your time on this earth worth
living. Wait… not just living your life, rather living your life while using the gifts you were given and making a
difference in this world at the same time. This is not an easy task.

Typically it takes going through a lot of  hardship, struggle, pain. suffering. and shrinking as a human being…. UNTIL… ONE DAY YOU SAY..  I CAN’T KEEP DOING WHAT I AM DOING…. I am living small, I am only doing a little for my community and really only helping a few people.. I KNOW IN MY HEART PEOPLE NEED WHAT I HAVE TO GIVE… I know my wisdom, experiences, education and personal growth have value and can help people do what I did…

GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY and be a better me.

It is easy to get stuck in our suffering or comfort and live an average ho-hum life. I do know that my little
quiet voice would not stay quiet… it would SCREAM… “make a change” and I would not listen…. after years
of playing this game, I finally had the courage to choose to live my life differently. I am so grateful I did.
Shockingly enough, I had the tools and support I needed. Friends and business opportunities came flying my
way. I had everyone in my life I needed and still do today to help me along the way.

I welcome you to trust me to help you live the life you are authentically meant to live. Life is short. You have
a lot to offer the people around you.

Follow your path, follow your dreams.
Listen to your voice, heart, mind and gut.

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